Giving opens the way for receiving

It is a true blessing to serve through sharing the message of Sikhi with our children. With Divine Grace, imaginations will awaken, intellects will expand, customs and traditions will interweave and learning will take place.

Your generous contributions have made this book possible.


  • Late Sardarni Mohinder Kaur, Dehradun
  • Gani Kaur & Jodha Singh, Anandpur Sahib, Panjab
  • The Dhillon Family, San Jose, California
  • The Grover Family, Fremont, California
  • Sardar Hira Singh & Sardarni Jagjit Kaur Chhabra, Stamford, Connecticut
  • Sardarni Gurmeet Kaur, Roswell, Georgia
  • Sardar Joginder Singh & Sardarni Kirpal Kaur Bajaj, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Sardar Satpal Singh & Sardarni Komal Kiran Kaur Dang, Baltimore, Maryland
  • The Saluja Family, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Sukhmani Kaur, Gurdas Singh & Sundari Kaur, Potomac, Maryland
  • Jasmeet Kaur, Kabir Singh & Dyal Singh, Bedford, New York
  • The Munshi Bishan Singh Kochhar Foundation, New York, New York
  • Sardar Paramjit Singh & Sardarni Jaswinder Kaur, Eugene, Oregon
  • Sardar Pritam Singh & Sardarni Harminder Kaur, San Antonio, Texas
  • Sardar Jasmit Singh & Sardarni Molina Kaur, Tumwater, Washington
  • Sardar Bhagwant Grewal & Family, Oakville, Ontario

Thank You:

“The Kalgidhar Trust” for adopting Journey with the Gurus in all 127 Akal Academy schools in India.

Institutional Sponsor (for US donations):

Lohgarh Sikh Educational Foundation, Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Your tax-deductible donation of $1,000 will be gratefully acknowledged.