Here is what some of the parents are saying:

"As an American-raised Sikh mom with 3 kids of my own, I need stories like these to capture my kids' imagination and keep our history alive! These stories my American-raised kids related to and understood. I think I learned as much about Sikh history as my kids did! These stories carry the values that are so hard to teach our kids. It is a gift that will stay with them for a lifetime. Thank you for such wonderful work.”

Parveen Kaur

"Journey with the Gurus is a must for all interested in imparting the original freshness of Sikhi to the next generations during their formative years.  Inni Kaur’s trans-creation of the Guru’s grandeur and message is simple yet effective labor of love.  A long awaited narrative in contemporary parlance that will aide connection with Sikhi in both thought and feeling.”

- Harinder Singh, Sikh Research Institute

"Long awaited ... awe-inspiring bed time stories for Sikh children. Guaranteed to replace 'Disney's Bed Time Stories' in every Sikh home ... your children are going to ask for it. Transports the young and the old together to the time and space of Guru Sahib. The quality of content, illustrations and thought process it invokes makes it a timeless treasure. Perfect for a family read by the fireplace, or a Sunday Gurmat school story telling session."

- Gurmeet Kaur